DennySantosoTV EP5 - Set Your Life Goal & Gameplan

June 17, 2017

Design Your Life Gameplan. Tanpa gameplan, hidup Anda tidak akan kemana2 dan akan berjalan begitu-begitu saja. Tanpa gameplan, Anda akan seperti zombie hidup. Tentukan Goal Anda, design gameplan Anda.

1. Most of the thing in your life has a rule
2. Example: all games, chess, basketball, swimming, badminton.
3. All has the rule called gameplan.
4. Bahkan ada yang namanya GameGuides to optimize our result
5. Without gameplan, result is chaos.
6. If game has a gameplan, so is your life, your business
7. Problem is, people wanna jump from employee to business but never wanna know or care about the game plan
8. Example in Network Marketing
9. Example in Digital Marketing
10. How about your career
11. How about your life

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